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Momentum Orthopaedics is the specialist practice of Dr. Jeremy Kolt, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon.

​Dr. Kolt is a consultant surgeon for private patients at Insight Private Hospital in Albury.


Dr. Kolt is the director of OrthoRAPID injury and trauma management service in the Greater Bundaberg region.


Momentum Orthopaedics provides modern specialist orthopaedic care. Having your surgery in your local region keeps your travel distance to a minimum, allows your family to visit you in hospital and means your rehabilitation team can continue your care from hospital stay to home.

Dr Kolt provides rapid patient access for consultation on time-critical sports and workplace traumatic injuries, for prompt decision making and delivery of optimal care.

Dr Kolt's philosophy is to return patients to their pre-injury function and lifestyle as rapidly as possible.  Our surgical technique is tailored to allow early weight loading through limbs and movement of joints.  When possible, incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches.

Momentum keeps you moving...


Dr Kolt treats the vast majority of non-emergency orthopaedic conditions, including arthritis, limb and joint deformity and soft-tissue pathology.


  • Hip replacement

  • Computer navigated single and bilateral knee replacement

  • Knee ligament / ACL reconstruction

  • Rapid assessment of sports and traumatic injuries

  • Management of injuries and fractures to allow early recovery and rapid return to work, sports and life​, including surgery for clavicle (collarbone), wrist and ankle fractures

  • Management of fractures in children

  • Hand surgery, including carpal tunnel & trigger finger

  • Orthopaedic care of the elderly, including hip and lower limb fractures and rehabilitation

  • General orthopaedics​​​

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