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When you are suffering from an unexpected illness or injury, or when you simply require the best elective orthopaedic care in Albury / Wodonga and Bundaberg, we are the provider you need.


We present some useful information which should answer your most commonly asked questions.

If there is any further information you require please don't hesitate to call our office on

(02) 6041 3328.


Initial consultation



Review consultation


All fees are required to be paid on the day of service.

Momentum Orthopaedics does not bulk bill unless arranged prior to consultation.


We empower patients to encourage their referring doctors to write a detailed referral, giving an indication of the urgency or severity of the patient's condition.

Patients likely to require urgent management will be seen as a priority.

Patients covered by workcover insurance will also be seen as a priority.


Patients in the Albury / Wodonga region can access emergency treatment via the Insight Injury Clinic


Patients in the Bundaberg region can make an OrthoRAPID ALERT via the website


A written referral is preferred for all new and some review appointments. Emergency appointments can also be scheduled without a referral but patients must be aware there is no Medicare rebate for a non-referred consultation.


Patients should be aware that referrals have an expiry date:

GP to specialist referral


   12 months

Specialist to specialist referral


   3 months

Patients may ask their GP for an "indefinate referral" which never expires.


Patients should prepare the following for their consultation with Dr. Kolt:


  • Ensure the referral letter has been sent to our practice or bring it with you on the day.

  • Ensure you bring your PRINTED medical imaging.

  • Ensure you can find our location at 520 Creek Street, Albury.  Cars may enter from the front and park at the rear.

  • Wear loose fitting or easily removable clothing to facilitate examination.

  • Prepare a list of questions you wish to ask.  The consultation will not finish before all questions have been answered.

  • Have precise details of your private health fund and a knowledge of the level of cover.

  • For workcover patients - a letter approving the consultation from your employer or your employer's insurance agent.


Patients are required to bring medical images (x-rays) with them to our clinic.

The following imaging tests MUST be brought in hard copy / printed films:

- Plain x-rays

- Nuclear medicine scans

The following imaging tests do not need to be brought in hard copy:

- MRI scans

- Ultrasounds

- CT scans

We DO NOT accept CD-ROMs


We ask patients not to accept local imaging departments advising "the films will be sent to Dr Kolt".  We ask patients to ask for the pictures to be printed out and brought to the consultation.


Dr. Kolt does not manage:


  • Spinal problems - neck or back

  • Elective shoulder or elbow conditions

Dr. Kolt does not perform:

  • Hip arthroscopy

If you have any queries about what services we do or do not provide please call us on (02) 6041 3328.


Dr. Kolt is ALWAYS contactable and very happy to take phone calls ANY TIME.  During business hours please contact our office on (02) 6041 3328.


Patients or medical staff can contact Dr. Kolt after hours via switchboard at Insight Private Hospital on (02) 6058 0800 or The Friendlies Hospital on (07) 4331 1777.

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